Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Perfect Score

Yesterday night, I watched the movie The Perfect Score. It’s quite a good teen flick. Basically, it’s a mix of kids from different clicks that get together to steal the answers to the SATs. It’s really quite funny and a must see if you are in the mood for something light to watch. Check it out at:

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Wrap, Fable and Découverte

Friday, my wife, daughter and I went out to St-Hubert for diner. I usually take a quarter-chicken breast but yesterday I decided to try something different. I must tell you I wasn’t disappointed. I tried the new chicken filet wrap. If you have a chance to try it out it is really worth it.

This week-end I finished the Xbox game called fable. The game was very good except that it had so many flaws that the game got boring after a while. But keep in mind that my sister in law’s boyfriend was also finished the game this week-end and he thought it was good all the way through. Checking it out at:

My wife is watching TV (Découverte) and they’re talking about drinking monkeys. Yes, you heard me right, monkeys drinking alcohol. They say the ratio of monkeys that don’t drink to those that do is the same as the ratio of people that don’t drink. That’s pretty interesting. Now they are talking about reindeers that each hallucinogenic mushrooms. They are saying some shamans used to drink the urine of reindeers that were under the influence of these mushrooms to get into contact with the great deer. The effect of the mushroom on humans is the feeling of flying. They even go on to say that the myth of Santa Claus flying with his reindeers may come from the stories from these drugged up shamans. My wife just changed the channel back to the Célébration 2005… boring…

Friday, January 07, 2005

New Blog

Welcome to my Blog!

This is where you'll find my thoughts about movies, video games, book, geocaching and much more.


To start things off, I'll send you to a VERY funny list of Top 11 ... (Note you may need to be a geek or a geek's girlfriend/boyfriend to enjoy)